I am very lucky to have met and become a patient with NorthWest Dental! Drs. Yako Liu and Meiting Nieh are fantastic and very attentive to their patients. On my first visit, I was treated with excellent care and personalized attention. Also Irina and Zori are very friendly and helpful. In addition to receiving excellent care, all have done their best to keep me informed and on my way to a beatiful smile. Thank you so much for all your excellent care!

Marie Calderon

"Upon stepping into this office, I met Irina at the front desk and realizing that this was a new business, but still relizing at first contact how well put-together the first greeting was executed. After talking a bit with Irina, Dr. Liu joined us and with my background in dental for about 20 years (between 1960 and 1980), I was very pleased to see a Dr so gracious and willing to project himself in a way that I felt very comfortable. Through our conversation Dr. Liu took me throughout his office and I could tell how proud and accomplished he felt in his new business. I was amazed in the maticulous effort that he went through to put together his office, offering the latest in technology in dental health for today. My grandson is a patient of his now, and I am very humbled in the kindness and willingness that the Dr will afford his time with my grandson with his obvious dental work that will need hours of attention."

"I would not hesitate to steer anyone to this dental office in the future!"

Jackie M

Kaoru & I have just changed Dentists the past few months and found this really good Dentist

in Federal Way. The name of their Dental Service is called Northwest Dental. The Husband and Wife are both Dentists and are from Taiwan. They have a 4 and a 2 year old Son & Daughter. We are so impressed with their work that we would like to let some of our friends know of their fantastic service. They do everything from root canals, implants, to the basic cleaning and whitening of your teeth. Having healthy gums are also very important. Dr. Yako Liu is the Husband and his Wife's name is Dr. Meiting Nieh. Please check out their website and see if they maybe possibly the Dentists you have been needing for your family, your friends, or even your co-workers.
Dental health is just as important in keeping the rest of you body healthy.

Keep Smiling,
Dave & Kaoru

We are very THANKFUL that we found a great Dentist for the whole family. We had a very Positive & great experience with our Former Dentist we had for almost 10 years in Hawaii & look forward to have the same thing with Northwest Dental. Thank You Dr Yako for all the great work you did for us

Judy keller

My son loves Dr. Liu the dentist and assistant Irina very much. He was only 5 when he had to go through the first root canal in his life you can imagine how frightening he (and we) felt. Yet every time he went to the clinic he was able to went through the whole session without us staying by his side. become highly recommend Dr. Liu for your kids and the whole family. They accept all major dental plans which is definitely a Plus.


My husband and I are so glad to find the NW Dental in our neighborhood. They are very friendly and professional. The equipment is new and the whole environment is comfy. Much better experience than we had before in other clinic. Highly recommend. :)


Thank you for giving my teeth a new life.Chung and I really glad to find you and be our dentists.You are ao friendly and kind. I used to be afraid to see dentist.However,I feel comfortable when I see you.~not because of movies.~!^-^! Also thank you for whitening my teeth, you can see my teeth are pretty in my wedding photos.Thanks again!

Lifang & ChungI

Dr.Liu,You turn my dental experience from a "nightmare" to a "dream come true".Because of you I find myself smiling unconsciously.I love the work you've done,but most importantly I love love love the level of care you showed to MIke and I.We appreciate everything you've done and we think you are AWESOME!!! We are forvever grateful - many many thanks!!!

Ruth & MIke

Great visit! Very friendly staff and excellent care!

Melody P

Very welcoming,very organized,calm & professional atmosphere.

Really appreciate the online form acces and how genuinely concerned you all seemed to get my daughter out of pain.

Kate R

Everyone was great.Thank you for accommodating our insurance.We appreciate everything.

Clayton R

It was wonderful .Doctor was so good at what he does.He made me feel really comfortable and safe.Thank you!I feel so much better now!

Chhunly V

Both DDS are professionals.Before I started seeing them 5-6 years ago, I had been to many dental offices around Federal Way and left unsatisfied.I can not trade this professionals with any other.They have restored my oral health.

Florence K.

My family are very pleased with Dr. Nieh's gentle and thorough care.We like the office environment because it provides nice warm and friendly atmosphere.We appreciate Dr. Nieh very much for taking care everyone of my family.My 2 kids never complain about going to see their dentist.

Wen-Yun L.

Very warm and friendly.I felt cared for and look forward to coming back!

Jamie B.

I always experience a pleasant and comfortable visit at this establishment.The doctors are extremely friendly & always accommodate to my needs.I am very grateful & happy for choosing Mei-Tng as my dentist/Orthodontist.:-)

Martique H.

She is amazing as well as her husband they are really amazing doctors.I like everything about them and the staff which is so lovely :)

Maryann S.

She's has done excellent work on my teeth and I always enjoy the visits with her!

Martique H.

Dr. Nieh was professional and friendly.She answered all of my questions and gave me a follow up call later in the day to see how I was doing, which I greatly appreciated.

Grace S.

Very professional,quick & friendly.I recommend this dentist to everyone looking for a great person who helps you maintain a great smile!

Dave T.

Great dentist!Takes her time to explain to you and very patient with wiggling kids.


She is fantastic! I was very nervous about all the work to be done to straighten out my teeth.She explained each step,made me feel very cared for.Highly recommend her to anyone looking for orthodontics work.

Lana M

She has done an excellent job with braces for my daughter!!!

David R.

Very very nice all people are so polite it's really amazing highly recommended.

Ramon B.

The entire visit from check-in, through the x-rays and cleaning, and also the consult at the end was great.The doctor was very kind and friendly,and she also was very practical in explaining the status of my oral health and gave great information for me.


Very professional tended my emergency issue with care!

Ashley W.

She was sensitive to my needs and answered all of my questions.

Gavin N.



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